a Worldwide EndoMarch Online Summit with endometriosis experts from all over the world

Receive two 20 minute interviews with endometriosis experts each day for TEN days.

for only $10, that's just 50c/interview

**This summit on endometriosis was aired in March 2016. Register below to find out more

Do you suffer from endometriosis or know someone who does?
Do you suffer from terrible period pain or pelvic pain?
Do you want accurate and reliable answers and information about endometriosis and pelvic pain from experts on how to end your pain and live your life to the fullest?

In this online summit you will learn from:

- Expert medical practitioners: gynaecologists, laparoscopic surgeons, reproductive endocrinologist
- Specialised physical therapists / physiotherapists working in the area of persistent pelvic pain
- Nutritionists specializing in endometriosis and estrogen dominance
- Integrative yoga therapists
- Psychotherapists, sex therapists and mind-body coaches
- Global endometriosis advocates

Learn all about the different and effective therapies used to overcome the pain associated with endometriosis so you can live a healthier and more productive life.

Be informed by gynaecologists and endocrinologists.
Be nourished with advice from nutritionists.
Be energized with tips from yoga therapists.
Be validated by psychotherapists and sex therapists.
Be encouraged by other endometriosis sufferers and advocates.
Be empowered by pelvic pain physical therapists / physiotherapists.


Dr Susan Evans

Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon &  Specialist Pain Physician

Dr Natasha Andreadis

Integrative Gynaecologist & Reproductive Endocrinologist

Stephanie Prendergast

Physical Therapist

Beth Shelly

Physical Therapist

Sallie Sarrel

Physical Therapist, Endometriosis Sufferer

Lori Forner


Amy Stein

Physical Therapist

Michelle Lyons


Jessica Drummond

Physical Therapist, Integrative Nutrition

Danielle Cook


Erin Luyendyk

Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef

Shelly Prosko

Physical Therapist & Professional Yoga Therapist

Dustienne Miller

Physical Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Sandra Hilton

Physical Therapist

Carolyn Vandyken

Physical Therapist

Talli Rosenbaum

Sex Therapist

Lorraine Feindrich

Mind-Body Coach & Mentor

Nancy Fish


Deborah Bush

Endometriosis NZ – Advocate

Kaye Sedgwick-Jones

Endometriosis Advocate

Sonia Supramaniam

Endometriosis Advocate

Lesley & Syl Freedman

EndoActive Australia & NZ – Advocate

Hosted by Heba Shaheed of The Pelvic Expert